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The EVENTS in and around Welland

This is where you will find interesting stories of
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Currently we have a lot of stories about
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First Commercial Paris to London Airplane flight

International News

Jack Dempsey defeats J. Willard for heavyweight boxing crown

Lady Astor first woman elected to British Parliament.

Treaty of Versailles signed formerly ending World War One.

Benito Mussolini forms new Facsist Party in Italy.

Local News From the Welland Tribune for 1919

Jan 7 Seven masked men hold up a house at the corner of Lincoln and Burgar Sts.

Harold Lloyd was playing in “Komedy” at the Grand Theatre on East Main , Admission 10 cents.

Advertisements for neckties at 19 cents; men’s shirts for 87 cents.

Coffee .40 cents a pound, port wine 35 cents bottle; Ladies skirts $3.85; cornflakes 27 cents box, sugar .12 cents a pound; new McLaughlin Roadster for $1,925.

January 14 Tribune reports that robberies, hold ups, fires and violent deaths have been caused by illegal importing of liquor, due to prohibition under the Ontario Temperance Act.

April 6 The newly installed organ at Holy Trinity Church, Division St. was played for the first time.

April 24 “Veterans Desire cheaper Divorce”

Reed’s Electrical shop, east of Dexter Hotel suffers $5,000 fire loss.

Man fined $200 for having bottle of liquor in his pocket.

June 3  City to rebuild Niagara St. from Elm St. Employees of British American Ship building Company on King St. returned to work with an eight hour day.

City needs a full time industrial commissioner. Grand Theatre playing Charles Chaplin in “Police”

Tender for new fire hall let at $43,851. to Gardner Construction

Peach tree curl very bad here.

Woman grabs axe and chases Crowland police officer.

August 19 The towpath Road from Welland to Port Colborne will be 23 feet wide.

New home on Wilton Ave. destroyed by fire.

September 2 Welland Street Railway to run to Parkway Drive.

September 4 Council approves YWCA. Welland Club bowlers victorious.

October 21 Liberal Robert Cooper wins in election..


Contracts Let

[Welland Tribune, 9 April 1897]

Buffalo, April 5- The Fort Erie Jockey club has let the contracts for its track. The contract for the grand stand has been awarded to James Stewart & Co. of Buffalo and St. Louis, at a price close to $50,000, but the steel work will be done by the Hamilton Bridge company. The stables, fences and smaller outbuildings will be built by the Coleman Lumber company of Hamilton and Burlington, and the grading and construction of the track will be done by Craig & Craig of Buffalo. The erection of the stables, fences and grading are to be completed by May 15, and the grand stand within 60 days. The grand stand will be 311 feet long by 115 wide; it is to face north at an angle with the track, an innovation which the new Pacific Jockey club in San Francisco has found works very successfully. There will be eighteen terraces of seats. These terraces are to be unusually wide, and will be supplied with folding chairs also of extra width; in the front of the stand there will be 24 boxes, each containing eight chairs. The press stand will be built out from the grand stand close to the judge’s box. Immediately in front of the stand will be a granolithic promenade; this will be covered by the roof of the grand stand, which extends 35 feet beyond the front seats. There are to be four flights of stairs in the front, but the principal entrance to the stand will be from the balcony promenade in the rear. On the east end will be the buffet and restaurant. The buffet will be 45 by 50 feet and the restaurant 36 by 50 feet. Ladies’ and gentlemen’s cafes will be found there. Joining this part of the stand will be the house of the superintendent of the track. It will contain eight rooms. Underneath the stand will be the betting ring. This is to be 210 feet long by 68 feet wide. This will have an arched roof, thus doing away with columns. On the south side of the betting ring and ten feet above it, will a gallery or balcony promenade ten feet wide.

LATER- Work is progressing despite the bill before parliament to limit the number of days for racing per annum. An effort will be made to have the bill modified so as to permit of 30 or 40 racing days during the year, which would meet the views of the promoters of this track. The course has been staked out, and grading will be begun in a few days. The numerous contractors who are doing the wok are building houses for the men to sleep in while the work is going on, and the grounds look as if they had hurriedly been occupied by squatters.


[Welland Tribune, 26 March 1897]

PROGRESS-The fourth ward is booming right along as a residential quarter, and the prospects for the coming season are promising. In January Contactor Cutler completed a very handsome residence on Merritt street, which is now occupied by Mr. Murray of the Imperial bank; adjoining this place, Mr. Cuter has in course of erection another fine residence, which will be ready for occupancy early in the season. On Aqueduct street, George Rogers’ residence had been enlarged and remodelled, and virtually made into a new as well as very comfortable and commodious residence. To the west of this A.F. Forster has added material improvements during the past few months. The old cottages on North Main Street, north of Wm. Beatty’s large residence, have been torn down and removed-to the great improvement of that section. And now Contractor Rounds has the order to erect a fine house for Frank Valencourt, on Aqueduct street, directly opposite County Treasurer Hobson’s beautiful home. It’s hardly news to add that a new “sky-light” has been erected on Fitch street, and that contractor Dunbar and manager Hardison positively refused to build the mammoth new scow in any other spot but the Garden Ward. Long may she move.


[Welland Tribune, 26 March 1897]

Geo. A. Bowman has purchased the two lots adjoining his property on the west, from Mrs. Robt. Campbell. Mr. Bowman also intends remodeling his residence, adding a cellar under the main part, bay window on the east side, and a large plate glass window on the south.


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