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Wooden Bridge Ablaze From a Grass Fire Set Out by Boys

[The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 3 May 1923]

              The fire-fighters were called to the Naval Brigade premises late yesterday afternoon to put out a blaze that would have spread but for quick action. Some of the Brigade boys cleaning up set fire to a pile of grass. The wind caught it and lifted it into the old raceway, which being saturated with oil, instantly blazed up. The wooden bridge, leading to the brigade headquarters, also caught fire but the firemen with the aid of chemicals extinguished the flames in a few minutes. Practically no damage was done.

  1. On 6 June 2016, Alan O'Neill Said,

    This is one of the earliest published “events” found about the Boys Naval Brigade of Welland, Ontario (charter date 25 Nov 1918). They were renamed the Navy League Sea Cadets in 1923. LCdr H.G.R. Williams RNR (ret’d) was appointed as the very first corps officer to any corps in Canada in 1923. Prior to this Mr. Horace Cox was the first skipper, with Mr. Ed “Pop” Mason ex-Yeoman, RN helping. The Corps name was chosen in 1923: NL Sea CC Bellerophon. In 1941, after King George VI consented, they became known as the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Bellerophon.

    Bellerophon was the oldest sea cadet corps in Canada (by virtue of their charter date) as they could produce their original charter up to the day they were closed in 2010. The charter is now held by the Welland Museum and the ships bell hangs in the Welland Library. The bell was donated by Capt. German, originally of Welland, who was one of the first men to join the newly formed Canadian Navy in 1910.

  2. On 9 June 2016, B Said,

    Thank you Alan

    This is becoming one of my favorite sections of the website: Tales and memories submitted by our readers. Hopefully more interested people will share. B

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