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S.L. Lambert, Miss T. Rink and Fred Sparks Lose Heavily

[People’s Press, 5 January 1915]

             The Garden-Ward store and residence adjoining on North Main Street were gutted by fire which was discovered about 10.30 New Year’s night by Mrs. Burgar and Wm. Burgar, who were passing. They gave the alarm and the firemen were soon on hand but they had considerable difficulty in drowning out the blaze, which had gained considerable headway. The fire broke out several times after it seemed almost extinguished. The contents of both buildings were almost wholly destroyed by either fire or water.

             The total loss is about $8000. S. Lambert , the owner of the buildings, was insured for $3,000. Miss T. Rink had $2,000 insurance on stock in store and Fred Sparks, who was the occupant of the residence in connection with the store, was insured for $700. Mr. Sparks and family were in Hamilton at the time. The fire started in a hallway connecting the store and house. Mr. Lambert attributes the fire to defective electric wiring.

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