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Phin’s New Dredge, “The Chief.”

Phin’s New Dredge, “The Chief.

[Telegraph, 10 July 1903]

The big new dredge, “The Chief” which is being built for Messrs. Phin & Co., in the lock-pit here, will be finished and ready for work next week. The carpentry work which has been going on simultaneously with the placing of the machinery is about finished as is also the decorating. The hull of “the Chief” was built of heavy oak timbers at Port Robinson and the machinery by Messrs. Beatty at their iron works here. It is a fine big wooden dredge and it is most complete in its equipment. It has a large steel crane, a three yard dipper, a powerful operating engine and an extra large boiler made at Polson iron works. Every modern attachment about the dredge is strong and calculated to give the most economical results. It is expected that the machine will do excellent work and break some records for its kind. The dredge is in charge of Mr. Arthur Forster a skilled dredgeman. He has superintended the placing of the machinery and will have charge of her when she goes to work in the canal on Messrs. Phin & Co’s contract. Mr. Perry superintended the construction of the hull. Besides the mechanical part of this machine there is the living department and this is one of the good points about “The Chief.” On the lower deck there is a kitchen, pantry, dining room, sleeping apartments for the cook, and double lavatory and wash room. These are all moderately and most conveniently equipped. Every foot of space is used advantageously and there is hot and cold water service all through. On the upper deck there are the rooms, eight bed rooms, the captain’s office and a sitting room. The rooms are all well lighted with cased in drop windows. Altogether it is a fine dredge and it will doubtless be a pride to the builders and to Mr. Forster and his crew.

  1. On 23 October 2014, W. Murray Said,

    I have a photo of Phin’s new dredge – “The Chief”.

  2. On 27 October 2014, B Said,


    If you would like to have your picture of The Chief on the site, we would really appreciate viewing it. Full credit would be given. Just let us know and I will be in contact. Every piece of information is so important. Thank you.

  3. On 5 January 2015, W. Murray Said,

    I’m happy to send the photograph of “The Chief” dredge. Just let me know how to send email to you.

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