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Fifty Per cent Increase in Business Over Last Year

[The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 22 August 1922]

Up to date, 1922 shipments of binder twine received at the Fort William warehouse of the Plymouth Cordage Company, exceed any other year’s business in the history of the plant, according to information received by the Canadian Machinery. Five steamship cargoes have been unloaded at the warehouse.

The Plymouth people estimate the increase over last year as fifty per cent. The twine is being shipped to the Canadian West where it is being used upon the harvest fields of the prairies to garner the 1922 grain crop, as fast as it is received.

The total shipments of twine at Fort William since the opening of navigation reach 44,000,000 pounds. At 550 feet to the pound, the twine if made into a single strand, would measure 4,583.333 miles; long enough to circle the earth one hundred and eighty-three and a third times, or form twenty strands reaching from the earth to the moon.

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