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[Welland Tribune, 2 April 1897]

Editor Welland Tribune:
Niagara Falls, Ont..,
24th March, 1897

DEAR SIR,- I would like to see the influence of the TRIBUNE enlisted in the cause of good roads and would suggest that I call the attention of all pathmasters in the county to the importance of scraping the roads at the earliest possible moment after they become dry enough. To anyone who takes an interest in the subject it must be apparent that much of the statute labor is worse than a farce, but a timely use of a scraper before the roads become hard in an absolute necessity on clay roads if they are to be smooth for the summer. The labor required for this kind of road work is insignificant and the results as compared with the usual plowing and scraping are so marked that the wonder is that it should be necessary to urge pathmasters to put it in practice. There is probably not one section of road in ten that ever has a scraping in the spring. I would suggest that you put a few lines on the subject along with the matter from your different country correspondents each week from now until the roads become too hard to scrape. In this way the matter would force itself upon those whose business it is to give us good roads but who as a rule do more harm than good.

Yours truly

E.W. Tench

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