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[Welland Telegraph, 20 February 1912]

Number of men employed in all factories-1906, 100; 1911, 2098.

Annual pay sheet of all factories- 1906, $50,000; 1911, $1,163,422.

Value of products shipped from all factories-1906, $150,000; 1911, $5,847,459.

During the year 1911, twenty per cent of all the massed output of our manufacturing institutions was paid out for labor, which amount has been circulated among the merchants, business and professional men and citizens of the town. This was a tremendous amount of money to circulate in a town of the size of Welland, and I doubt if any other town of equal population can equal this record. One point for you to ponder over and remember is that this money paid for skill and labor in Welland and circulated among you was secured from the outermost parts of Canada and sent in from the outside and put in circulation as new capital, never before available by you. This proves to me that the larger the pay rolls that we can set in circulation in Welland, the more business grows.

Since the beginning of the New Year we have entertained representatives of twelve American factories seeking locations for new plants and have opened negotiations by mail with scores of others.

My opinion is that 1912 will see greater industrial expansion than has ever been known in a single year in Welland’s history, and this opinion is based on negotiations now under consideration with every prospect of success.

My advice to you is that you must not become indifferent and think that Welland can continue to grow into a beautiful and prosperous city without nourishment and cultivation on your part. Every Wellander must do his duty and by doing it cheerfully and voluntarily he does it doubly well. Yours sincerely,  B.J. McCormick:. Industrial Commissioner.

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