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Historic EVENTS in and around Welland


[Welland Tribune, 22 October 1873]

The manager of the Welland Railway Company, T.R. Merritt, Esq., showed us the other day the plan of a proposed passenger depot, to be built in this place during the coming winter. The building will contain the ticket and telegraph offices of the Company, together with separate waiting rooms for ladies and gentlemen. The present station house will be moved back and will be used as a freight house. We also understand that the company is negotiating for the purchase of new passenger coaches, with all the latest improvements. These proposed changes have been urgently required for some time past and we are glad to see that steps are about being taken to meet the requirements of the public.


[Welland Tribune, 22 October 1873]

One of the most valuable additions our town has received this year is that of the new Cabinet Manufactory of Mr. Sauter. The building-situated in the rear of his ware-rooms-is fine and commodious, 24×36 feet; 2 1/2 stories in height, with boiler shed attached. It is a frame structure, with brick filling in, to promote warmth. The engine-an eight-horse power one-was constructed by Mr. Levi Sherk, at his works here, and having been tested, gives complete satisfaction, being a model for smooth running, and is generally pronounced a credit to its maker. Mr. Sauter, with his new conveniences and enlarged accommodation, will enter more largely than ever into the manufacture of furniture and wood work generally, and we hope will meet with the full measure of success which his patient industry and present enterprise so amply deserve.