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Historic EVENTS in and around Welland


[Welland Tribune, 20 July 1883]

MRS. LYDIA TUPPER’S property, on North Main street, is advertised for sale by tender, by J.W. Langmuir, manager, The Toronto General Trusts Co.,-Mrs. Tupper being an inmate of the lunatic asylum.


[Welland Tribune, 9 February 1883]

MR. S. HAYS, photographer, has disposed of his establishment here, and intends leaving town about April 1st. Parties wishing to give him a benefit should govern themselves accordingly,-and give him a call.


[Welland Tribune, 12 January 1883]

             WELLAND, Jan.8th.- Council met in regular monthly meeting this evening. Present- Mayor Lamont in the chair; J.H. Burgar, reeve; G.L.Hobson, deputy reeve, Richardson, Griffith, Gilchriese, Holder, Cronmiller, Ross and Stalker. Minutes read and confirmed.


             The mayor stated that complaints had just been made to him that parties were coming to town to auction off goods, which it was urged was hurtful to legitimate business men who were paying heavy taxes, and of no benefit  to purchasers as the goods so sold were generally of inferior quality.

             After a discussion, council, although agreeing as above, arrived at the conclusion that they had no authority to act in the matter.


             A claim of A.W. Brooks, that he was doubly assessed for a lot, was referred to the clerk and treasurer to report thereon.

             With reference to Mr. Robert Lamont’s back taxes, the committee reported that Mr. Lamont shewed a receipt signed or purporting to be signed by Mr. E.H. Burgar, a former collector, and recommended that the amount be demanded by Mr. Burgar.

             The mayor stated that Mr. Ellinworth was unable to pay his taxes.


             On motion of Messrs. Hobson and Griffith, the by-law to borrow $4000 to pay off high school debt was read and third time and duly passed.