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Historic EVENTS in and around Welland


[Welland Tribune, 29 May 1896]

Brown’s building on the corner of Seneca and Main streets in the city of Buffalo collapsed and tumbled to the ground on Thursday forenoon last week. Four persons were killed outright, namely; Wm. P. Straub, contractor; Jennie M. Griffin, cashier in Schnert’s barber shop; George Metz, barber; and Michael Schurke, workman. The accident was caused by changes being made in the building, without sufficient precaution to keep up the strength of the supporting walls. The building was not a very high one, but was about 40 years old, and had a very heavy roof. It was a well-known landmark to many. Among others, registrar Morin and County Treasurer Hobson of Welland attended the commercial college in it about 30 years ago, and the publisher of the Welland Tribune was engaged in the Buffalo Christian Advocate composing rooms, located in the building, in the year 1864 for a short time.

Engine Was Ditched, Engineer Was Killed

[Waterford Star, July 30, 1896]

On Tuesday of last week a T.H.&B. engine was ditched about a mile and a half out from Welland and the engineer was killed. The engine has since then remained in the ditch until Sunday, when the M.C.R. wrecking crew with the steam derrick went down and lifted it out.