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[Welland Tribune, 17 March 1905]

The residence of Mrs. E. Peart, West Main street, was very nearly the scene of a disastrous fire on Sunday evening about church time. A burnt tablecloth, burnt carpets, and the remains of what were once curtains were a result of a few minutes work of the fire fiend. Mrs. Peart was alone in the house at the time and had just lighted a gas jet which projected from an archway but unfortunately did not extinguish the match but involuntarily touched it to the fine chenille curtains close by and they were up in smoke in an instant. Mr. Harry Somerville happened to be passing at the time, and helped Mrs. Peart to extinguish the flames.

Accident at Welland

[The Waterford Star, November 9, 1905]

An accident occurred on the M.C.R. at Welland Friday night which resulted in the loss of one life.

As the last mail was approaching on the eastbound, or south track, the baggageman and clerk pulled the baggage truck into the westbound, or north track, to load the baggage onto the train.. A westbound freight came along and ran into the truck.

Simpson. The clerk, had his right foot cut off and his head badly injured, there being four scalp wounds. It was feared that his scull had been fractured. He was completely paralyzed and no hopes were entertained for his recovery.

The baggagemen, had his left leg and shoulder bruised.

Penrose Stewart, an express messenger was slightly injured.