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[The Welland-Port Colborne Evening Tribune, 20 May 1940]

Must Have Lights

Boys on bicycles violating traffic laws will be prosecuted, Chief of Police, Earl Stauth of Crowland

warned today. The chief stated that boys who disregarded safety rules were not only becoming a nuisance but that they were endangering their own lives, and the lives of others, and that the situation would have to be remedied. Amongst violations that will be checked the chief advised would be driving at night without lights, riding double and riding on sidewalks.

Faced the Storm

Those tulips that Caretaker Jim Barrett grows to beautify Welland police station can certainly take it. Last night during what was described by the weatherman, City Engineer C.L. Coulson, as a 50-mile wind which put power lines here and there out of commission and tore away awnings, merely made the the tulip plants carry out a bending exercise. This morning they were as spry as ever, and their blooms were at their best.

Rural Mail Carriers

Attending in strength a recent meeting of the Rural Mail Carriers’ Association of Welland county those who participated at the home of the president, Harry Elliot at Fenwick, carried out routine business. Afterwards the ladies served refreshments, and a social hour was enjoyed.