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Astor Café is Robbed of $110

{Welland Tribune  Monday, November 15, 1943}

Entering the Astor Café for the second time on Sunday a young man who had been accompanied by a young woman earlier in the day, ordered a couple of hamburger sandwiches late last night, and while they were being prepared in the kitchen he went to the café till, and took out approximately $110 in bills, rushed out of the café and has not been seen since. Inspector Tom Gee is investigating,  and he has asked for the co-operation of anyone who may have been in the place at the time. Conferences with the police will be strictly confidential the inspector told the Tribune.

According to Wong Pang, one of the proprietors, the man had come into the restaurant earlier in the  day, and had asked what time the café closed, and had promised to bring a party of four at night. He came alone at night, got two club sandwiches, and was refused a second cup of coffee in consonance with Wartime Prices Board regulations. He then got a soft drink, looked about to see who was around, and then ordered two hamburger sandwiches, David Wong went to the kitchen to prepare them, and on glancing out he saw the stranger at the cash till. He shouted and rushed to the front of the premises but by the time he reached the till the stranger had grabbed a pile of $1 and $2 bills out of the till and had dashed from the café. David Wong chased him along West Main Street but it was dark, and he could not easily see the man, who finally turned a corner and disappeared from view. Police were notified and inspector Gee immediately began the investigation.