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[Welland Tribune, 1 September 1876]

             This morning about half-past one o’clock, Mr. Thomas Smith was awakened by his wife and found the house filled with smoke; he jumped out of bed, ran down stairs, and finding the way clear he returned for his wife and children, whom he assisted out. Mr. Smith lost all in the building, except a bureau, (containing a family Bible), a bonnet, and a few other things, a cook stove, clock and canary bird. He lost a valuable library, a set of blacksmith’s tools, a set of draughting tools valued at $80, all their clothing, bedding and furniture, save as above stated. The house was entirely new, the family only moving into it the evening previous; the things had not been sided up, and the stove was not up, nor had any lights, other than a bed-room lamp, been used. As the fire originated from the outside, it evidently was the work of some evil-disposed person. Insurance, on the building, $400, and none on the contents.

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