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[The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 6 July 1922]

R.D. Spencer, Experimenting, Started Bad Blaze

             Quick action by the Fire Department averted what might have been a bad blaze Monday evening, when an alarm from Box 42 summoned them to the residence of R.D. Spencer, corner Myrtle Avenue and Spencer Street.

             Mr. Spencer was experimenting with certain chemicals in his garage, using a large kettle for the purpose. Combustion unexpectedly ensued, and the experimenter was unable to check the flames. No time was lost, however, in turning in an alarm, and the department was equally prompt in getting to the scene. The chemical was brought into play, and the fire subdued before any damage of consequence had been done to the building.

             The loss was confined to the chemicals, which were of nominal value, and to stains on the interior walls of the building, which a coat of paint will remedy.

 Fire: 3 July 1922

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