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A Continuous Service Probable

[People’s Press, 6 February 1906]

We hope to be able in a few days to announce another and a most important step in the progress of our town city-ward, viz.:Continuous telephone service. If the revenue from the telephone service in town can be raised in a reasonable proportion the company is prepared to grant an all-night seven days a week service.

             Mr. T.H. Ashley, assistant general agent of the Bell Telephone Company, is in town and is meeting with good success, both in securing orders and changes from the ordinary to long-distance equipments.

             The advantage of an all-night service as a protection against fire, securing medical attendance  and in many other respects are too obvious to need recapitulation here, and are well worth the small additional revenue required to secure them.

  1. On 20 April 2013, Terry A Said,

    Meanwhile in 2013: “www . bell . ca / Home_Phone” they’ve come a bit of a ways over the last hundred years. Haha