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Will Take Grain Cargo to Montreal and Maybe Across the Atlantic

[The Welland Tribune and Telegraph, 22 August 1922]

The steamer Modena from Christiania, Norway, passed up the canal a few days ago. The vessel is a small ocean “tramp” and came to the Great Lakes for a cargo of grain, which it will load at Milwaukee. It will carry the grain as far as Montreal at least; and may take it across the Atlantic.

It is evident that some vessel owners see business ahead in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River trade, for they are acquiring canal-size ships and bringing them back to the lakes. So far they have purchased six boats; some of which are now en route from the coast to the lakes.

The coming of the Modena is another indication that the route is considered an important one. Still another indication is the fact that the steamer, Andoste, a well-known Great Lakes “straightback,” has recently been cut down so as to permit her passage through the locks at the Welland Canal, one of the links in the route.

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