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[Welland Tribune, 28 August 1885]

There is a family named Shirley in Sharp county, living between Hardee and Williford, in which the children have been given names that are startling if not euphonious. The old gentleman, whose name is Elisha Shirley, is a tie maker, hewing out ties for the railroads. His wife’s name is Harriet Susannah Maria Jane Shirley, and their oldest daughter, fifteen years old, is called Ann Elizabeth Dixie Shirley. Then comes Benjamin Kirby Smith General Hardee Shirley, aged thirteen; Robert Enos Napoleon Bonaparte Lee Wilkes Booth Shirley, who is nine years old. John Thomas Emanuel Forest Champion Gatewood Shirley is seven years old, while Joseph Wheeler Zollicoffer Stonewall Jackson Sam Hildebrand Sterling Price Shirley is five years old. The family ends with Mary Virginia South Carolina Florida Georgia Alabama Louisiana Shirley, who is three years old. The old gentleman ran for the legislature last year and secured five votes, which shows that a good man does not always get his deserts.

Little Rock, {Ark.} Gazette.

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