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I hereby caution certain ignorant and unprincipled people of the Town of Welland against receiving from my wife, or at the instigation of my wife, any household goods, furniture, bedding, or store goods belong to me; also against secreting and withholding the same in their houses. For the past two years or more my property has been carried off and secreted in other people’s houses, and recently I have found portions of it in five different places. For years I have patiently suffered untold troubles and loss through the false sympathy extended by a few cranks and enemies, under the guise of friendship, which has augmented my trouble and destroyed the peace of my family, while it has forced upon me the cost of a legal controversy, which is robbing my children of the source and means of their support. Welland, May 9, 1895.


Welland Tribune
10 May 1895

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