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[Welland Tribune, 20 December 1889]

WELLAND, Dec.16-Council met to special session this evening. Present-Mayor Ross, Reeve Hamilton Burgar, Deputy Hobson, and Councillors Best, Beatty, Cooper, Current, Hooker, Elia Burgar, George Burgar, Lowe and Rose. Minutes of last meeting read.


The Mayor, from the committee to procure cost of lots proposed for market sites, said he had been unable to obtain definite figures for either the Demare or Cafferty lots; the owners of those lots did not appear to want to sell, though there was a rumor that the Cafferty lot (on Muir street) could be had for $4500. The Mellanby lot could be had for about $ 1100, but it was not of itself large enough for a market site.

The owners of the lots on Bald street had formally agreed to sell the lots on north side of that street at $10 per foot frontage, lots to be 70 feet deep, and owners to have right of way to rear of their lots on West Main street; this property would cost in the aggregate about $2500. A written proposition to this effect was submitted, signed by R. Morwood, Taylor & Crow (now owners of the Dunigan block), G.L. Hobson and L.V. Garner, a slice off the side of whose lot on Fraser street would be required to give the 70 feet from Bald street.

Mr. Hobson said he found such a feeling between the sides of the canal as would defeat any scheme to purchase site. He thought the by-law might better be withdrawn until a better understanding was arrived at by the electors. If the by-law was sure to be defeated there was no use to incurring the cost of unnecessary election.

Mr. J.H. Burgar was not in favor of the by-law, but not for the reason spoken of by Mr. Hobson. It was not a question of sides with him (Mr. Burgar) but he did not think the town was in a position at present to spend $4000on a market site. If we had that amount to spare he believed it might be expended to better advantage to putting stone on our streets. The town is already loaded up with all the debt it can carry. He did not believe the by-law would be carried in a single ward of the town. Personally the reeve was favorable to a market if land could be leased for that purpose, so as to avoid heavy expenditure at this time.

Mr. Geo. Burgar said he had introduced the market by-law to carry out the express wishes of the Board of Trade.

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