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Welland Canal

[St Catharines Journal, July 14, 1830]

We at length have the satisfaction to announce to the public, that the water was actually let into the feeder, from the Grand river, on Saturday, last; and it has already reached the Deep cut, and is rapidly filling through the whole line between those points. Maj. Ives is said to be on his way from Dunnville, bound for port Dalhousie, having four Arks in tow, laden with 400 barrels of flour each.

A party of gentlemen are expected to leave this place on Monday next, for the Grand river dam where the Gentlemen from the upper part of the country, and elsewhere, propose to meet them—when they will all pass down the Canal, under such arrangements as they may think proper to adopt. A dinner is to be given to the contractor, labourers, &c. &c. and a day of festivity and good feeling confidently anticipated by all sincere friends of internal improvement.