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Loss of the Steamer Hungarian

Crew and passengers Drowned


[St. Catharines Journal, 23 February 1860]

Halifax, February 21st, 1860

The following is the only news yet obtained from the scene of the wreck:-

The large Steamer ashore on the West side of Cape Sable is the Hungarian, which sailed from Queenstown on the 9th instant, for Portland.

She is a total wreck, and all her crew and passengers are supposed to be lost. A small  portion of her hull is now visible at low water.

Nothing like the News Despatch for the Associated Press can be found, but it is thought it may be in the mail, a small portion of which has been saved in a damaged state.

One passenger ticket has been found, with the name of Ellen Sheehan upon it.

The following has been sent from Cape Sable to Cunard & Co: “A steamer’s lights were seen on Monday morning at 3 o’clock at daybreak. The spars and pipe were seen standing, and at 10 a.m., all had gone by the board, when the ship settled.”

A heavy sea was running, breaking mast high over the ship. Communication with her “ was impossible.” All on board must have been lost, unless the boats left the ship before daylight, which is not likely. At low water part of the ship is visible.

{This being the Anniversary of Washington’s Birthday, we are without out usual Telegraphic Report from the United States, and for some other reason, of which we are not at present aware, there are no further particulars of the loss of the steamer Hungarian.]

Mr. McMicken denies that he intends resigning his position as representative for Welland.

The Rogues’ Gallery in New York now contains 500 pictures; and a system has been introduced by which an exchange of portraits will take place between the different cities of the Union.

Jean Bedard and Leon Beaudry, aged respectively 22 and 21, have been arrested in Montreal for robbing the Seminary of St. Sulpice of a quantity of ancient gold coin, valued at £769 10s.

Michael Morin is under arrest in Toronto charged with having attempted, in company with another man named Wilson, to set fire to an old frame building on the corner of Wellington and Church streets in that city, formerly known as the “Wellington Hotel.”

Births-In this town on the 21st inst., the wife of W.L. Copeland, Esq., Assistant Post Master, of a son.