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[Welland Tribune, 21 April 1893]

Work on the cemetery is progressing rapidly. Jas. Andrews, the caretaker, is daily to work, and already a great improvement is perceptible by the underbrush being cleared away and the long grass and weeds destroyed.  All who have not yet subscribed are earnestly asked to contribute, and aid this work by a generous subscription. The money will be spent economically, and made to do as much good as it can possibly can, and will be put, as already promised, inside the grounds.


Taylor & Crow’s Hardware Store Gets a Roasting

Bad Enough, but it Might Have Turned Out Calamitous-Cool Management Counts-The Water Works a Property Saver-Loss Heavy by Damage to Stock.

[Welland Tribune, 10 March 1893]

WELLAND, March 7.- At 4 p.m., one of the clerks in Taylor & Crow’s large hardware establishment, West Main street, went into the cellar to draw some japan. In doing so, the liquid, through the pressure of gas or some other cause, spurted from the barrel and caught fire. Whether the flames were communicated from a lantern that was burning in the cellar or not, is not known. The fire came like a flash, and the clerk was obliged to retreat to save himself.

Dense volumes of smoke rushed up the elevator opening and stairway, while tongues of flames darted and danced in and out among barrels of highly inflammable oils, varnish and the like. On the floor above was stored kegs of gunpowder, and as the smoke prevented the workers from seeing where the fire was creeping, the position of affairs was for a time alarming.

The firemen gave instant response to the alarm sounded, and the streams were quickly playing on the flames.

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