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[Welland Tribune, 21 August 1903]

The firing on the Erie tug Silver Spray for poaching in Canadian waters turns out to have been a greatly exaggerated incident. Captain Dunn’s log has been received by the Minister of Marine, and in it the matter is treated as an ordinary occurrence of no great importance. The Petrel sighted the Silver Spray and gave chase. The Silver Spray turned and made straight for the Government cutter. When the former was almost up, the latter signalled for her to stop, but the tug rushed by at full speed. Captain Dunn fired a rifle across the Silver Spray’s bow, but it failed to bring her to. Thereupon, to quote from the log itself: ”I then fired direct at her with several rifles, but the tug kept on, and as she was as fast as the Petrel, there was nothing to do but lay to until she was out of sight, when we put in for Port Stanley.

This exhausts the details in the log. The department have asked for more information, and Captain Dunn will make an extended report.

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